Books I Recommend

There are many of us looking for constant enlightenment and personal development – I am one of them! I like reading books, but there are certainly some books which I tend to read even more than once, simply because of the content and perspective which they offer on life and the society in which we reside.

Here’s a list of books that I strongly recommend for all of my blog readers, who would want to significantly add values to their life. Learning, it seems, is a lifelong process, and these gems offer the path towards a (reliably) better future of ours in terms of personal and personality development. I firmly believe, that’s the only way we can create and/or become part of a more civilized and educated society – that is, by helping the culture around us driven by the culture within us.

Needless to say, this page is always under construction, and in due course, would add more attractions to itself!

Happy Reading!




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