My name is Suddhasatwa Bhaumik.


By profession I am in IT, learning and making use of Oracle databases and handful of other technologies in my day to day deliverables. Along side,    I travel and document what I experience and what gets me motivated, or even demotivated as a matter of fact.

 With the simple intention of writing and presenting my views on the various things I come across with in day to day life, this blog comes into picture. I enjoy writing from childhood days, since it seems it is the most convenient way of expressing my feelings as well as my experiences.

The reason that I am not any sort of “professional” or “certified” writer makes it certain that my writings would not bore my readers, hence giving me the oxygen to regularly post and keep my blog updated with events.

This blog is a collection of my experiences, encounters, memoirs, travel and photography.  The posts in this blog are purely my views and expressions from my experiences on and off travels and other areas.

This blog would also contain my technological experiences to some extent, covering the ones I encounter frequently and not so frequently on various work assignments and from my own research on the internet. I would also post on my new and interesting learnings from various fiction and non-fiction books that I consume.

Is my blog worth your time?

Well – that’s something you would need to find out from my posts and various keyword searches on my blog. I am always open to all types and kinds of suggestions for improvements and sustenance, and would sincerely like to request all my avid readers to comment and criticize my writings from time to time. I believe, this is the only way we all grow towards a well informed blogo-sphere!

I would also post my photographs in this blog, which would be covered under the Creative Commons license in Flickr, the tool I use to upload my photographs with the fantastic 1TB of space provided for free. It simply means – my photographs shown here are for free and you can use it for your personal use as well.

All you need to do is to mention my name , and my blog as well, wherever these photographs are used. IF I am reblogging photographs and posts of other photographers, this story alters, for obvious reasons!, and in those cases, sharing may or may not be strictly prohibited.

Happy Reading! Happy sharing!

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